Rental Gite Villa – Esprit du Sud

From the terrace

location villa grand standing avec piscine location Montpellier découvrez le parc ombrage et sa faune sauvage

If you are discreet enough you can discover many small animals that inhabit our property; many birds that you will hear singing from early morning until nightfall; little red squirrels jumping from branch to branch or peeling pine cones for food; doves and wood pigeons cooing in the trees; jays which cajact; great tits which nest in small huts in the pines; and finally cicadas that you will have difficulty seeing as their mimicry on the pine bark is impressive, but that you will hear from morning to evening, as long as the temperature is above 22 ° C.

Animals to discover from the Villa

Finally, let's not forget all our foragers who pollinate our vegetables and fruit trees. Take good care of it.

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